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Updates for "the sniper"

I thought I might put up a few comments as I develop the Sniper. Mainly so you get a sense of how the game is progressing. I also need something to do while these images render... well while the non-nude ones render anyway.
Help me finish this game.

Initial Release

September 2017

The game is nearly done. I have some things I'd like to tidy up and a small section that needs some additional work but I won't be able to get to it for another 8-12 weeks. This won't affect the majority of user's game play so I've decided to get the game out there for those who want to dive in and play.

There will be usernames and passwords being sent over the next 3-4 days and you are more than welcome to play until your heart's content.

When the password arrives, you can log in here to get the game started. If it hasn't yet arrived (I have mail limits for sending), you can use the "forgotten password" option on the login page to reset your password and then login from there.

November Update

November 2016

I've had some great successes recently. The toil over the most recent block of images has concluded and I was able to write a large section of storyline.

I have started the next section of images and thought I'd show you the process I work through to get them where they need to be.

Each image is modeled in 3d software, written to a file using a plugin and rendered in a separate programme. It takes a while to write out and start the rendering process to see the finished image. The slideshow below shows my various attempts at getting this particular scene right. It took me an entire day to get the shot I was happy with. In the end it turned rendering was much quicker if I rendered the scene by itself and rendered Misty seperately.

Once a scene is lit to my liking, I can then move the characters around quickly and easily to get extra images

A rendering we will go.

August 2016

I've been pushing on the fast few weeks, getting closer to getting an alpha version tested. The latest hiccup has involved what I thought was an animation that would be easy to create and add a bit of flair to the game.

Below is the first test render to check if everything was in the right place, light sources were hidden, reflections were correct etc... It took 26 hours to complete.

I fixed up all the problems that it highlighted and loaded it into the rendering software. I kept checking the results and after 4 days I pulled the pin on it. It said it had another 5 days to go but the images weren't getting any clearer.

So unfortunately there will be two static screens instead.... but at least they are at a standard I am happy with... and took 40 minutes to render each.

A tip for when you play: Get in the cupboard.

Loading / Play

Rendering Mirrors

July 2016

There seems to be hurdle after hurdle with this game. The latest fun I've had has been rendering images that have mirrors and bottles in them. The reflections are an important part of the atmosphere but after a huge number of trial and fail attempts (each one requiring a render time of around 10 hours) I have cut my losses and will try to make up the short falls with photoshop instead. The image below took 24 hours running across 2 rigs and I managed to get the reflections in the mirror clean but the bottles are still nasty.

Picking up speed

April 2016

While there is still a lot to do, I have finally gone back through all the old images and animations and fixed them up. Some were grainy, some animations had random light spots or I'd accidentally moved something an item during the animation build and noticed it at the end. (A bed slides across the floor for no reason etc...)

The updates to luxrender and reality (using 4.1) as well as finally purchasing a new computer have turned a 24 hour image render into a 2 hour job and animations can be put together in about 4 hours (lower quality but they are moving so you shouldn't notice much difference).

Because of this speed up, the workflow is a lot better and things are now getting done.

Rendering Blues

February 2016

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. - Douglas Adams

It's February and I don't have a game ready. I have been working on this game more and more and have made good progress but it is no where near ready yet. I apologise as I was pretty confident that I could have it done but some rather large hurdles have put paid to that.

All I can do is show you some of the completed renders (while trying not to give anything away) and put my head down to get this thing done.

Social Media

December 2015

After a flurry of requests, I have brought forward my social media plans.

I have added a patreon account for those that have asked if I have one. It has the ability to provide small donations monthly rather than just lump summing it though paypal.

The other account I have created is a twitter account. This will be used for short updates that don't warrant a post here and can give a more detailed level of completion.

Ideas development Part 3

August 2015

This is a repeat of the previous animation...again. We are at about 92% success so far so this is my next attempt to improve on that. It seems that android browsers (and possibly apple... not sure) stop a video from autoplaying to curb overuse of bandwidth (especially when connecting over the cell network)

To get around this, a button will need to be added underneath the game window telling the user when the image can be played. I have also made the loading screen clickable so tapping the waiting screen should play the video.

Animation Works
Animation Fails

Peek development Part 2

August 2015

This is the final post for the scrolling section. The results are is and it seems 99.6% of you who voted are able to scroll the image. For know that will be good enough. Apologies to those that still can't scroll the image below. I'll revisit it later on when I get some free time (waiting for the renders to complete)

For those that are unable to directly move the image, the button is still there to show the scroll bar, allowing you to navigate the image from there.

Show Scroll Bar

Peek development

August 2015

The original peek feature is set to remain in theSniper. The feature below is another option I want to incorporate into the game.
It is the ability to scroll (finger swipe) up and down to look at more of an image. It will have it's own icon to show you when it is available.

Try it out by either using your scroll wheel or swiping on the image below to move it up or down.

AND ...

Introducing Jos, a Housekeeping technician you will come across in your travels.

Jaqs' development

March 2015

Jaqs starts as a walk on part in "thePhysio" and becomes a lead character for "theSniper". She will also feature in the next game which at this stage is only a pipe dream.

The image below shows the stages of development of Jaqs as thePhysio progressed and as the character images were being developed for theSniper.

  • The first is an image from thePhysio as she comes in for an appointment.
  • The second is from early renders for theSniper before thePhysio was released
  • The final two images are a trial of the new render engine I am using for theSniper.

Misty's development

February 2015

Misty started as eye candy in theGym. After theGym I was organising my files for thePhysio and couldn't find a usable copy of Misty anywhere. Any files I did have were corrupt and unusable so I tried to recreate Misty as best I could with not a lot of success. The result is a character that I was not happy with throughout thePhysio.

I had planned to retire the Misty character because of these issues but decided to break down the character I had, rebuild her with the new available 3D figures (genesis 2) and pass her through the new render engine.

The results...a character that I am happy to use for theSniper.

The image below shows the three stages of Misty from theGym to theSniper.