Walkthrough for the Physio.

Note: If you follow each of the sections below in order, you will find all the storylines.
Click each section to open it.
For the sake of size, each line has the answer you should choose or the place you should go to... not the whole conversation.
Click Start (or Restart)
--Click the front door of the Physio--

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Arrrhhhheeeem! [Peek Available]
Your... ahhh... skirt is riding up.
I have an appointment for a busted knee.
Sure. Where do I sit.
Thank you. [Peek Available]
(Listen while you fill in the form)
Next question on form. What time did I injure myself?
Next question on form. Is this your first injury?
Next question on form. Is your injury work related?[Peek Available]
(Put clipboard in lap to hide any embarrasment) [Peek Available]
(I get the feeling I should have worn the tight underpants today)
(Try to follow casually while holding the clipboard in front of you)
Thank you.
(Give her the clipboard)
I stepped backward off a ladder but I wasn't on the bottom rung. [Peek Available]
Usually I get dinner before going to bed with a pretty lady.
Yes ma'am. [Peek Available]
Yes. [Peek Available]
No problem.
Is there any risk involved?
Wait. Becky's out running.
Married huh? That's a shame. it!
Does he put pressure on you alot?
Why don't you hire a part timer?
Put in a good word for me. I'll do it.
Great. I'll see you then.
Thanks for your help... and thank Amanda too.
--Go to the map--
--Go to Apartment--
--Go to Sleep--
--Back to Map--
--Go to The Physio or the Gym--
--Go to The Physio--
When do we do this?
A little extra money never hurts anyone.
Well now you know mine.
Sure. Thank you for the opportunity.
Sure thing Mandy.
Why does he call you Mandy then.
So it is fair to say he doesnt treat you well? [Peek Available]
You could do something about it. [Peek Available]
That is a shame. He shouldnt treat you that way.
Well then you are in luck. Meet your new receptionist and cleaner.
When we finish here.
Show me the way.
I am ready. What's first.
No idea about what?
Go around the counter.
I want to know more about this problem.
Yes Ma'am.
Got it.
Great. See you soon.
--Look Left--
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)[Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
Uhhh... ummm... pffff ... Sorry.
(There must be a place to wank around here)[Peek Available]
Sure. What is it for?
Sorry. Go and have a seat. I will let Amanda know you are here.
Someone named Jaquiline.
(Phew. Thought I had screwed that up)
No troubles this side. [Peek Available]
To be honest... not really.
I would feel self conscious stepping out from the desk right now.
That is very forward of you. Lets go.
Honestly I would like to help.
Well ok then. Are there showers here?
(Continue) [Peek Available]
You sure will.
--Go to the map--
--Go to your Apartment--
--Go to Sleep--
--Back to Map--
--Go to The Physio or the Gym--
--Go to The Physio--
Are you not wearing a bra?
Not at all.
Its hard not to look an I needed a reason to stare at them.
We were talking about a full days work? [Peek Available]
Where to first?
Will you be getting changed in here today?
It was worth asking.
How do I clean in there?
Am I allowed to use them?
Got it.
Is Kim hot?
What about that problem you were talking about?
--Look Right--
Im good. See you soon.
(I should start bringing tissues to work)
(or a sock... no... not a sock)[Peek Available]
Do I know you from somewhere?
Ahhh yes. You are Nics roommate. Misty right?
How is Nic these days? She was a real handful.
I bet you got up to some kinky stuff then.
Well what did you mean?
Wow. That brings back memories for me too.
So are you living alone?
Can I have your spare room. I need a place to stay.
Great. Now what can I do for you today?
Ok. Have a seat and Amanda will check it out.
Thats Misty and shes ready to go in.
Ahh no. I forgot to give her a clipboard.
Ok. Thanks. I am really sorry.
(Take clipboard)
Is that why you just kept running around the block?
So you prefer the ladies then?
Dont use all the hot water. [Peek Available]
Yes please. [Peek Available]
Ok. Bye.
--Go to the map--
--Go to Mistys place--
--Go to Mistys House--
Knock Knock.
I... just... well... damn.
Is this how you normally dress at home?
No reason. Lets have a look at the room.
Lets here them then. [Peek Available]
Got it. [Peek Available]
Sorry what?[Peek Available]
That wont be a problem.
Can I see it?
(Follow her)
Of course not.
Really. What did they take?
I will keep my eyes open then.
Lets do it now.
Yes we will!
--Go to the Physio or the Gym--
--Go to the Physio--
Really productive... now lets see Kim.
Wait for Kim.
You think this is really funny dont you.
Ah sure. Why not.
Its very exposed.
Ok then.
(Take off trousers)
What happened to professional?
(I am starting to get a bad feeling)
Is that bad?
I know WHAT it means.
I dont want a wank thank you.
NO. I wont rub one out for you.
Thats it I am out of here.
--Look Right--
--Look Right--
(Sneak back out) [Animation Available]
Never mind the massage. What the hell was that?
I sure hope I never need a meeting with him.
Like what?
How did that happen?
So you pay him in sexual favours?
What a dick.
Wow that is a lot of money.
I will give you the money.
No catch.
Thats what employers like to hear. Makes them feel in control.
What? --Look down--
Shit. Do you think Kim is gone?
Yeah I know.
Ok. I will see you in the morning.
--Go down hallway--
--Go into massage room--
--Look in drawers--
(Take the photos ... and your clothes)
Well...The place looks clean. Time to go home.
--Go to Mistys place--
--Go to Mistys House--
Sure. what is it?
No trouble. Lets do this. [Peek Available] [Peek Available]
Is it drafty in here? [Peek Available]
Your lucky this couch is easy to wipe down.
Anytime. Do I get an encore?
I will need a cold shower before I turn in.
Thats not what I meant.
Hard not to. You are stunning.
Dont worry. I will.
--Go to Nics old room--
--Have a sleep--
--Back to Lounge--
--Leave house--
--Back to Map--
--Go to the Physio or The Gym--
--Go to the Physio--
Sure. What is it?
Yes I did.
I think our boss is into a bit of blackmail.
There are cameras in every room in this place.
Staffroom yes. Toilets no.
He has the Mayor. A couple of politicians.
Kim is fucking them while its video taped.
I say we go after his money.
Lets do this then.
Right. I better get my knee checked.
It is actually feeling fantastic.
You're the boss. I just do what I am told. [Peek Available]
Ahh yeah?
No one should be in that situation.
Yes ma'am.
You told Amanda about the money?
You are in a bit of a bind aye?
Good luck with that!
If history repeats... no. But go anyway.
I banged up my knee pretty good. I have been here.
That is a shame. I am nearly finished rehab.
What are you girls doing here?
You would think they would get that done earlier.
Head on in ladies. Have a good time.
--Look Right--
--Look Right--
--Go into Storage Cupboard--
--Move Boxes--
(Watch quietly) [Peek Available]
(Watch quietly)
(Watch quietly)
(Shit. Did I make a noise? Keep Watching)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)[Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly)
(Leave) [Peek Available]
--Leave Storeroom--
--Look Left--
You got it boss.
--Look Right--
Here you are.
Have a good afternoon.
--Look Left--
Get over here. We need to talk.
The boss is at his place at the moment. [Peek Available]
He took a girl home with him.
--Next Map--
--Go to David and Amanda's House--
--Got to Bedroom Window--
(How come when I say that I sound like a predator?)
(Keep watching)
(Keep watching)
(Keep watching)
(Keep watching) [Animation Available]
(I cant believe Becky sent me to do this)[Animation Available]
(How come I miss out on all the fun) [Peek Available]
(I could have done with one of those)
(Keep watching)
(So thats how you get a blowjob)
(Oh. So that doesnt work.)
(Get back to work before you are spotted)
--Go to the Physio or The Gym--
--Go to the Physio--
Hot sweaty sex is what happened.
Does it matter?
First he titty fucked her.
About a cock rubbing against me? I have strong views!
Depends whos nipples. Yours?
I would do just about anything right now.
Really. You are killing me.
Your tits would be fantastic for a titty fuck.
Nonsense. They dont have to go right around. Just cup the penis.
Should we go into the mens or womens?
Be quick. I will need one too.
Oh that is cruel.
I am SO glad you did that. Can I just touch one.
(Do busy work at the desk)
That doesn't help me at all.
(Look around here some more)
(Listen in before leaving)
(Keep Listening)
(Get changed and into the sauna before the girls get there)
(Sounds interesting)
(What is this. Seems a bit wierd.)
Hi there. Do what exactly?
(Go and sit beside Isabelle)
Not at all. After the day I've had I would appreciate it.
That towel looks awfully tight.
What is this all about?
Groan. Definately groan.
Take the hand job. [Animation Available]
Cum on her tits. [Animation Available]
Now what? [Animation Available]
This is my lucky day.
Is this what girls get up to when guys aren't around?
She looks comfortable around women. Why men?
Wild horses couldn't keep me away.
I pride myself on the quality of my cum.
Forget I said that. Tomorrow then?
You bet.
Nothing. What's going on out here?
The answers are in his office. They must be.
I found a code but it doesn't work.
How do I get to it? [Peek Available]
Got it. Now the key?
Don't you worry. I will be a ghost.
Got it. See you soon.
--Go to Mistys place--
--Go to Mistys House--
Shit. Be careful.
My pleasure. You do need to be more careful up there. [Peek Available]
To be honest... I have seen it quite a bit already.
In the physio rooms.
They do. Sorry.
The top is a bit long.
That is perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Are you enjoying teasing me like this.
Well you are in luck. I like looking.
--Leave House--
--Walk down Alley--
--Look in Mistys Window--
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(Watch Quietly)
(What the hell??? I waited all this time???)
--Leave Alley--
--Back to Map--
--Go to the Physio or The Gym--
--Go to the Physio--
Don't you worry about that.
OK. Good night you two.
--Leave the Physio--
--Back to Map--
--Next Map--
--Go to David and Amandas Place--
--Open Door--
--Go to Office--
--Open Safe--
--Open safe with code--
--Read Notebook--
--put notebook back--
--Back to the office--
--Back to the Hallway--
--Leave House--
--Back to Map--
--Prev Map--
--Go to the Physio or The Gym--
--Go to the Physio--
--Go to Reception--
--Look Right--
--Go down Hallway--
--Go into office--
--Look at Wall--
--Turn on switch--
(I hope its a two way mirror and not just a window)
(Great. Another show)
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(My thoughts exactly) [Peek Available]
(Keep Watching)
(Keep Watching)
(Keep Watching) [Peek Available]
(The guy is reading my mind)
(Keep Watching)
(I wonder how she takes that)
(Thats a shame)
(Keep Watching)
(Keep Watching) [Animation Available]
(Keep Watching)
(Why am I always on the wrong side of the glass) [Animation Available]
--Leave Office--
--Back to Reception--
Ahhh... I am the cleaner. And this place is a mess.
In the sauna... seems to be a lot of fluids in there.
Thanks. What have you been up to?
Is this show worth seeing?
You went out to dinner... what did you think we are talking about?
(Interesting choice of words)
There is probably enough come over there already. [Peek Available]
Yes it does.
Anytime you want to put on a show just let me know.
I almost cum in my pants watching.
Oh. Lots of computers and there are cameras everywhere.
I honestly don't know.
Not here. There are cameras watching.
Got it.
Nope. [Peek Available]
What switch?
You got it.
--Leave Reception--
--Go to the map--
--Go to Mistys place--
--Go to Mistys House--
--Go to Nics old room--
--Have a sleep--
--Back to the Lounge--
Arhem. [Peek Available]
I must have woken up late. Lucky me huh? [Peek Available]
I don't know why you are covering your breasts.
I think we are well passed that. Don't you?
Now doesn't that feel better?
Now all we need is to remove those shorts.
Exactly like that. [Peek Available]
That is just mean. [Peek Available]
--Go to the Restaurant--
I could ask you the same thing.
I am meeting someone.
Hey is that Tony the Hammer talking to Issy?
Relax. I wont even blink in his direction.
Yes. I am here to see Amanda.
Thank you miss.
Again..thank you.
(Wait until she is gone)
No trouble.
Computers everywhere. He has dirt on everyone.
I have an idea on that front.
Look over to that other table.
That's Tony the Hammer. Muscle for a local gang.
I can get David on film with his daughter. [Peek Available]
Yeah. Do I do it.
Do you have a smartphone with you?
Get a snap of those two talking... just in case. I'll see you at work.
--Go to the Physio or the Gym--
--Go to the Physio--
I found a boat load of cash in his safe.
No. He will know it is gone and come after us.
I have a plan. I need a memory stick though. [Peek Available]
Stay there as long as you like.
Perfect. --Take USB stick--
Go on your run as normal.
You go back into your office. Work as usual.
Yes Ma'am.
(Here we go) [Peek Available]
It has been very interesting.
Listen. You are a good boss...I have something for you...
There are a couple of girls coming in for a sauna...
They are up for a bit of freaky stuff.
I got a deep throat blow job. It made my eyes water.
Yes you should.
(I hope this works)
I am really sorry. I cant today. I am stuck here.
I did see a guy go into the sauna a minute ago.
Have fun.
(I hope this is worth it)
Not any more. [Peek Available]
Next we catch David doing something bad.
Follow me into his office.
--Go down the hall--
--Go into Office--
--Look at Screens--
This is scarey. You are amazing.
Yes. Flip that switch.
We need to check the screens. Plug that usb drive into the computer.
Oh we will. I'll plug in the USB and then we wait.
Um... What do you think we should do?
(Go and have a look)
Are they your panties? [Peek Available]
I nearly came in my pants over here.
Well peak away.
It was hard as soon as I saw you in that dress.
Only if you take yours off too.
I think David is an idiot. You are beautiful.
You read my mind.
Keep going.[Animation Available]
Slip your cock out.[Animation Available]
Oh.[Animation Available]
Cum down her throat.[Animation Available]
That is the best blowjob I have ever had!
Bring Becky and meet at my apartment tonight on your way home.
(David is a real piece of work)
I am really sorry about that.
The girls didn't seem terribly happy when they came out.
But still... Girls don't usually cry like that after sex.
I'm not gay but I will be fucking you real soon.
Fine by me. You will get yours soon enough.
You got it.
--Look Left--
You scared the hell out of me.
Better than I could have hoped.
I finally got freaky with Amanda. [Peek Available]
We do. Amanda and I have something else.
She just opened her legs and said "Take your clothes off"!
That can be arranged.
I will have to get my fluids up. Why not right now?
(Wait patiently)
(Do busy work)
--Look Right--
Not as good as if I'd been in there.
Same here.
Yes ma'am.
(Keep going) [Animation Available]
(Keep going) [Animation Available]
(Take your fingers out)
That may be a problem.
You Amanda and I need to talk about what we found today.
I cant wait until tonight.
--Go to Apartment--
Oh yes.
Ok. Sit down and lets start.
We recorded him having sex with Tony the Hammers daughter.
I need access to that safe again.
Brilliant. What about Becky?
Fine by me.
(Point her towards the bathroom)
Let me have a quick rub now.
You got it.
Use my computer.
(Step between the girls) [Peek Available]
(Slip your fingers in Amanda)
(Gently keep going) [Animation Available]
(Look up at the screen) [Animation Available]
Amanda can you open the other clip up. [Animation Available]
No wonder Isabelle was crying when she left. [Animation Available]
Alright girls. We have our plan. [Peek Available]
I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight.
(Knock Knock)
You got changed.
Are you serious?
No promises.
So good. I will cum if you keep doing it though. [Animation Available]
(Turn her araound) [Animation Available]
(Use your thumb)
(Go deeper) [Animation Available]
I'm Cumming. [Animation Available]
(Slide into her back passage)
(Cum) [Animation Available]
Give me twenty minutes and a glass of water first.
(Thank god for that)
(Look under the covers)
Good night. [Peek Available]
Fantastically. And you?
How wet? Let me check.
Yes ma'am.
(Try not to cum everywhere) [Animation Available]
(Climb on top of her) [Animation Available]
(Cum on her neck) [Animation Available]
(Hop off her) [Animation Available]
There is a lot more moving I would like to do with you.
I could cum watching you... you are so beautiful.
I want to cum on you again.
Just a quicky then?
(Grab some clothes and go)
--Next Map--
--Go to David and Amandas Place--
--Look in bathroom Window--
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(Watch Quietly)
(Back to the street)
--Go to Bedroom Window--
(That will never fail) [Peek Available]
(Sneek back around the front) [Animation Available]
--Open door--
--Go into Bedroom-- (for a look [Animation Available])
(Sneek back to the corridor)
--Go into Office--
--Open Safe--
(Grab the money and leave the usb stick.)
(Get out of his office quickly)
--Go to Bedroom Window--
(Watch Quietly) [Peek Available]
(Get back to the apartment)
--Go to Apartment--
See for yourself.
Even split 3 ways we never have to work again.
None at all.
That will be Amanda. I'll let her in.
HEY BECKY... Remember when I said their were no problems?
My question exactly!
Like hell. We all worked hard for this.
I can't believe you are screwing us.
Oh boy.
What are you doing Amanda?
Wait Becky... Amanda. What the fuck?
Like hell I will!
(Finish the game) [Animation Available] This is the only ending. See the FAQ's for details.