Frequently Asked Questions

Beware, there are spoilers here!

How do I donate?
Donations are taken through paypal or via bitcoins and are used to improve the games as I go.

We are currently taking donations for "The Physio and The Sniper" Click here

The Gym (click question to show the answer)
Can I sleep with the girl from the restaurant? (The Gym)
Nope. She is just their to ruin your chances with Casey.
She does pop up again in "The Physio".
The Gym's game engine sux. Will you fix it? (The Gym)
The Physio uses a new game engine and if it proves successful, "The Gym" will be rewritten.
If this happens, the game style will remain the same, it will just be less buggy.
How do I get the dildo? (The Gym)
There are two reasons why you cant get the dildo:
1). You can only get it at a certain point in the game (check the walkthrough) or
2). You are using an older browser. Upgrade your browser to the newest version.

Older browsers can not parse some of the code used to make this game what it is and Internet Explorer has it's own rules around displaying pages and there is only so much patching that can be done.

The Physio (click question to show the answer)
Is that seriously how the Physio Ends?
No... seriously?
Yes. All will be revealed when the sniper launches.
Mandy tells Becky you've banged her after taking the money, even though you haven't. Is that the only ending?
Yes. Mandy's a bitch. (this flows into the sniper). I like writing my games similar to life in general... sometimes you get the girl and sometimes no matter what you do you get pistol whipped and lose the girl.
The Physio is a little one dimensional.
I agree. More time was spent rewriting the website, donation choices, and a poor choice I made early regarding image creation. Subsequently the Physio doesn't have the same storyline options that the Gym had. The Sniper has been storyboarded and the mixing storylines are back in, giving more flexibility of movement and more opportunity to miss important points. It also has a stronger storyline (like the Physio).

The Sniper (click question to show the answer)
When will the sniper be released?
Well theGym took me two years, thePhysio took me 18 months so with the current level of support I receive (monetary)... I would hope for 12 months.